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How to participate in the bidding

Personal bids in the auction room

Join us in person at the auction. You will receive your own bidder number which allows you to participate.

Live bids via Internet

It is possible to bid from anywhere via the Internet, same as if you were present at the auction. You may follow the auction process on the screen in a language of your choosing. Instructions for the registration will be uploaded on time before the auction.

Phone bids

You may put in your bid from your home for lots starting at CHF 500. Please contact us on time so that we can reserve a phone line for you.

Written bids

Use the bid form for your written bids and return to us the signed form early by mail or fax. The auctioneer will ensure that your bids will be taken into account, same as if you were present in the auction room.
Lots will be knocked down at the lowest possible price and not necessarily at your highest bid. If for instance your bid is CHF 300.- for a lot and the best bid below yours is CHF 200.-, you will receive the lot at CHF 210.- which is the next bid according to the auction table.
“Alternative-bids” are possible. You can also limit the total bid amount so that you can bid for many lots without exceeding the amount you had planned on.

Online bids via Internet

Registration is required for online bids via the Internet. Follow the instructions which will be uploaded on time for the auction. Online bids are treated confidentially and with care, the same as written bids.

Bids via a commissioner

You may engage a professional commissioner to represent your interests in the auction room. We would be pleased to help you make contacts.

Commissioner Switzerland
Commissioner Germany
Commissioner Italy
Commissioner USA

Terms of payment

The purchase amount is basically due on the day of the auction. The bill has to be paid within 5 days of receipt. Items will be delivered only after full payment of the auction bill. If payment is delayed, Chiani Auction is entitled to charge 1% interest per month.
Upon request payment may be delayed if appropriate securities are provided. In that case special arrangements will have to be made in writing before the start of the auction.

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